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Nikki Lannen

CEO, WarDucks


Nikki Lannen is the CEO of WarDucks, which she founded in 2014. She spent almost 5 years working at Facebook and was a founding member of the Facebook games team there. She worked closely with C level executives from the top games businesses in EMEA to help them scale their business. From there she saw the opportunity to set up WarDucks. WarDucks first project was a Facebook game, Global Agents, which had over 600k downloads and had a very loyal player base. From there the company pivoted into augmented and virtual reality after seeing a large opportunity in that space. Since then WarDucks has launched 6 different Best Selling VR titles across mobile, PC, and console devices. They have just launched a mobile augmented reality app called Smooshy Mushy and have some other exciting AR projects in the pipeline. Nikki also runs the Irish VR Meetup event in Dublin. She is a leader in the VR/AR space in Ireland and has positioned WarDucks for large growth as the augmented and virtual reality market takes off.