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Michael O’Keefe

CEO, Broadcasting Authority of Ireland

Chief Executive, Broadcasting Authority of Ireland


Following the enactment of the Broadcasting Act 2009, Michael O’ Keeffe was appointed as the Chief Executive of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (“BAI”). The BAI is the regulator of all broadcasting services in Ireland, both public and private. In his role as Chief Executive, Michael is responsible for the management of the administration of the Authority and two statutory committees covering Compliance and Contract Awards.

The primary functions of the BAI are to implement strategies for the licensing of broadcasters; to prepare broadcasting codes and rules; to undertake reviews of public service broadcaster’s performance of their commitments and make recommendations as to the adequacy of their funding; to operate a number of funding schemes around programming and archiving and to ensure compliance by broadcasters and respond to complaints from members of the public.

Prior to taking up this position, Mr O’Keeffe held a similar role in the Broadcasting Commission of Ireland (“BCI”), the predecessor of the current BAI.

Mr O’Keeffe represents the BAI on a number of European bodies including the European Platform of Regulatory Authorities (“EPRA”), which he chaired from 2003-2005, and the recently established European Regulators group for audio visual media services (“ERGA”).

At a national level, Mr O’Keeffe sits on the Complaints Committee of the Advertising Standards Authority of Ireland and was nominated by the Minister for Health to sit on the Alcohol Marketing and Communications Monitoring Body.