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John Rice

CEO, Jam Media

John is a Bafta award winning producer and director who began his career as an animator in feature
film working at 20th Century Fox in the US. This was followed by a stint at MTV in New York where
he spent two years as the character designer on a number of projects. Being familiar with both
development and production and with the technologies associated with both, John set up JAM
Media in 2002 with two college friends.
Since then the studio has produced the award winning series ‘Picme’ (RTE) ‘Funky Fables’ (CBBC),
Roy (CBBC / RTE) Baby Jake (Cbeebies/ Darrall MacQueen), Little Roy CBBC/Cbeebies), Zig and Zag
(CBBC/Double Z/Flickerpix)
JAM’s brands have been licensed to over 130 territories and have been translated into in excess of
30 languages. Currently the company employs over 100 talented, artists and technicians who are
producing ‘Becca’s Bunch’ with Nickelodeon and ‘Jessy and Nessy’ with Amazon Prime as well a slate
of properties in advanced development. The company has studios in Belfast and Dublin. John holds
a Masters in Multimedia from Trinity College, Dublin and is co-founder/director of The Animation
Dingle Festival.